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Seanergy 2023 - Equipe Ys FAIR

Seanergy 2023: Ys was there!

This 7th edition confirms that Seanergy is one of the most important international event focusing on marin energy.

The event showcases the industry by covering all technologies: fixed and floating wind power, tidal energy, wave energy, marine thermal energy (SWAC & OTEC), floating solar (FPV), salinity gradients energy and related industries such as: energy storage, digital, decarbonated maritime transports (wind-powered & hydrogen), drones or eco-designed materials…

Seanergy brings together more than 4,000 international players (politicians, ordering institutions (energy operators and industrials), technological experts, NGOs, researchers, investors, and subcontractors) around an exhibition area gathering +200 exhibitors from around the world, industrial and technical talks & presentations, business meetings, pitches and workshops on specific topics related to blue growth economy.

The French government’s announcements to accelerate and develop offshore wind and also, to a lesser degree, tidal and wave energies, make France one of the world’s leading territories for offshore renewable energy. Furthermore, the worldwide context of climate and energy crisis is contributing to the international acceleration of the industry’s development which has become an immediate necessity.


YS~EMD at the Exhibition for French Mayors and Local…

YS~EMD was present this year at the Exhibition for French Mayors and Local Authorities, in Paris, from November 16 to 18, 2021. The Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales is the annual event that brings together the largest number of elected officials and stakeholders. territories, which work on a daily basis for the management and development of the territories.The issue of energy transition and the resilience of territories was at the center of the discussions between the participants.