Power generation: how can Brittany make the most of the situation? At Ys, we’ve got the solutions! Meet us on October 4 & 5, 2023, in Quimper, on our stand at the Breizh Transition trade show.

Energy, digital, social and economic transitions are all areas in which we need to fundamentally review the way we operate. A player in the energy transition, and more specifically in the blue economy, Ys Energies Marines Developpement co-constructs marine energy projects (tidal and wave) for and with players in coastal and island territories. Surrounded ¾ by the ocean, the “Breizh energy transition” could well be played out, in part, at sea. Our team intends to convince Bretons of this.

Transition, a necessity

The scarcity of resources, the need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming, and the increase in our electricity needs are all factors that are forcing us to review our energy production methods. For regions like Brittany, which have the ocean within their reach, marine energies are proving to be a clean source that completes the local energy mix.
Marine, tidal and wave energies, a sustainable solution for :

  • Take a further step towards renewable energies and decarbonization,
  • control energy costs over the long term,
  • gain energy autonomy,
  • create jobs and develop local skills.

Ocean energies, a solution for Brittany

Faced with growing demand for electricity, controlling supply and cost at local level is a key factor in the dynamism and transition of our regions.
Hydropower (ocean currents) and wave power (wave energy) are inexhaustible sources of energy. With its 2,470 km of coastline and 251 coastal communities, Brittany has something to play for!

Areas in Brittany have potential to be explored, so come and meet our teams at the show to discuss these clean, sustainable solutions!

The program for this 5th edition includes

  • Conferences and workshops on current topics (https://www.breizh-transition.bzh/programme-2023/)
  • A friendly professional breakfast
  • An exhibition area to bring you solutions for your corporate and local transitions
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and share experiences

Practical info

Breizh Transition 2023
October 4th and 5th, 2023
Parc des Expositions Quimper Cornouaille, 32 Bis Rue de Stang Bihan, Quimper
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