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Winner of the call of projects

In 2022, the Pays de la Loire Region launched a call for projects on the following theme: « Innovative marina». They wanted to develop the ports so that they could adapt to new uses and new recreational practices (more frequent rentals, demand for additional services, electric boats under development, etc.).

As part of the decarbonization of ports, Ys Energies Marines Développement has suggested a pre-feasibility study of the potential of marine energies (marine currents and waves) on 5 ports of the Loire-Atlantique : Piriac-sur-Mer, La Turballe, Pornic, Le Croisic and La Baule – Le Pouliguen.

We were delighted to learn in November 2022 that our application had been accepted !

A year later, where is the project ?

Since then and thanks to the financial support of the Pays de la Loire Region, we have conducted numerous studies on different criteria that must be taken into account :

  • Bathymetry : the depth of the seabed,
  • Sedimentology : the nature of the seabed,
  • Modelling of available resources : current speeds, wave heights and frequency,
  • Environmental zoning and existing uses,
  • The most suitable technologies,
  • Relevance and energy need that could be covered, etc.

In the current state of our knowledge, the studies revealed the important potential of the port of Le Croisic for the installation of a EMR system (Marine Renewable Energies). Therefore, we chose to focus only on this port for the rest of the studies.

The next step : bringing together the actors of a potential project at Le Croisic

One of the fundamental pillars of Ys Energies Marines Développement is to create participative projects. We are convinced that projects co-constructed with local actors will be much more relevant. That is why we integrate the various stakeholders as soon as possible.

In the coming weeks, we will continue our meetings with local stakeholders (institutions, associations, users, etc.) to inform them and work together on the project.

An exciting project that we look forward to continuing in 2024 !

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