Ys Energies Marines Developement won the Pays de la Loire Region’s Call of Projects “Port de plaisance innovant” in 2022. In this context, we have carried out pre-feasibility studies of the potential of marine energies (sea current and wave energy) on 5 marinas in Loire-Atlantique. Thanks to our analysis, the potential of a marina emerged: Le Croisic.

A crucial step in the project

Since then, we have worked in collaboration with Les Ports de Loire-Atlantique and La Région Pays de la Loire to move the project forward.

After several discussions and meetings, we are at a crucial step: launching a current meter to confirm that the modelled data by measuring the speed of the current directly at the planned location. 

We met up the teams of Creocean (oceanographic studies) , Celtics Marine Services (martime works services) and GSLC (underwater interventions) at the port of Le Croisic for the launch of the device on May 16, 2024.

A technical and meticulous operation to position the current meter at the defined location. It will remain submerged for 3 months to record the speed of the current in all circumstances, including those of high tides. 

The launch took place in several stages

  • Dockside preparation of the necessary equipment
  • Activation of the ADCP (current meter) and attachment to the tripod
  • Loading of all the equipment on the boat using a crane
  • Team briefing to be clear on the order of the steps and the role of each one
  • Starting the boat to head the launching at the right location
  • Launching of the mooring to ballast the device at the bottom of the water, a signal buoy will remain on the surface to secure the area
  • Launch of the ADCP
  • Intervention of a diver to ensure that the current meter is levelled ans that it is properly installed
  • Return to the dock

This day was very enriching and with a very nice collaboration between the teams.

Now we wait and see before collecting the results of the data acquisition in 3 months.

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