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Serving the energy resilience of coastal and island territories

Problems of coastal territories

The actors of coastal territories are now faced with multiple issues:

Need for resilience: face the many challenges of climate change, cost of uncontrolled energy prices, preserve the employment market, as well as maintain maritime skills.

Electricity needs: develop new clean electricity uses, fight against the weakness of end-of-line networks, limit line losses, work for the development of local production near places of consumption.

Need to limit CO2 emissions: promote sustainable local development, limit the rise in water levels as well as the impact of climate change for future generations.

Need to preserve the ocean and living species: limit pollution, protect the biodiversity, develop reasoned and sustainable fishing activities for the future.

Problems of coastal territories
Island territories facing the challenge of energy transition

Island territories facing the challenge of energy transition

Island territories, far from mainland networks, are often dependent on imported fossil fuels due to the absence or weakness of local fossil fuel resources. These territories are therefore faced with both a high cost of energy and a high level of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the islands have substantial natural resources and significant sustainable energy potential, including that linked to renewable marine energies.

The islands can now be at the forefront of the energy and ecological transition and move towards a more sustainable energy mix as well as towards more energy autonomy.

Towards the collective self-production of wave and tidal electricity

YS~EMD is a blue economy company dedicated to the development of local ocean energy projects .

We accompany coastal territories towards energy resilience through local collective self-production facilities based on wave and tidal technologies.

We provide local stakeholders with our expertise in engineering and structuring complex and multi-stakeholder projects for the development and construction of renewable, citizen and participatory marine energy projects.

The implementation of these renewable energy projects requires the involvement of all the players and stakeholders in the area where they are located: local authorities, businesses, fishermen, ports, industries, academia and science, associations and citizens.

Towards the collective self-production of wave and tidal electricity

What YS~EMD does for you

We identify and promote natural resources

Thanks to our expertise in modeling, we locate, map and characterize, in a precise way, the existing renewable marine energy sources in a given area of the globe (whether it is the force of the waves or of the currents), then we determine, measure, analyze and verify the energy potential over the long term. Then we cross-check with the technical characteristics of the equipment available on the market and evaluate the feasibility for several technologies in order to really optimize the choices according to the local environment.

We help you to launch a local production of marine energy

We study the most adapted technology (tidal or wave equipment) according to the environmental characteristics and the production potential of each site, also considering the existing skills and logistic means of your territory. The projects are sized to meet your local needs in terms of supply. We work in partnership with the various manufacturers in the sector and we recommend the installation of equipment adapted to each location. We manage the environmental studies as well as the installation and deployment of the equipment at sea.

We support you in the creation of energy communities

We wish to contribute to the deployment of local renewable energy communities, by associating all the actors and stakeholders (local authorities, companies, fishermen, industries, associations and citizens) around the project anchored in their territory. This is to allow the development of a dynamic and local governance, to federate the support of the largest number of people around marine renewable energy projects, and to give the means to local actors to take ownership of these projects. Through local project companies (SAS EMR), everyone is able to participate in the actions deployed near their home.

We contribute to sustainable socio-economic development

The projects we implement locally contribute to the overall development of the territories. They not only produce blue energy but also support the development of local players through training, support for professional integration and employment, both in terms of studies, installation and maintenance of these tidal and wave devices. In this way, we are helping local players and decision-makers to make a concrete commitment to the sustainable economic and social development and resilience of their territory.

Waves and currents: why this choice ?

Discreet and sustainable energy

The infrastructures we favor for the development of marine energies (tidal or wave technology, depending on the potential of the location and the type of resource, whether it is currents or waves) are small and adapted to the local energy demand.

Energy that creates local jobs

The deployment of marine renewable energies in a territory represents a new potential of economic activities to be deployed by local and regional actors. Whether it is studies, installation, operation, maintenance, upkeep or monitoring of facilities, this sector allows the development of new jobs as well as the creation of new training programs, accessible to the greatest number.

Electrical autonomy through local production

The projects supported by YS-EMD are designed to develop a decentralized sustainable energy production, which meets the local needs in electricity. The energy produced is consumed locally, by the stakeholders and populations located near the marine exploitation site. Depending on the case, the farm is connected to the local public grid (self-consumption or not) or electricity is consumed locally without being re-injected into the existing grid (e.g. isolated site).

Wave and tidal technologies

Tidal stream turbines

A tidal turbine consists of a hydraulic turbine, with a horizontal or vertical axis. The tidal turbines can be placed on the sea bed or they are floating. They use the kinetic energy of marine currents, as a wind turbine uses the kinetic energy of the wind. The turbine of the tidal turbine allows the transformation of the kinetic energy of the moving water into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy by an alternator. There are different types of tidal turbines:

Horizontal axis turbines: the current turns the rotors around the horizontal axis and generates energy.
A hydrofoil is attached to a swinging arm. The lift caused by the current makes the arm oscillate and generates energy.
A kite "flies" in the current, and dives in a figure of eight to increase the speed of the water flowing through the turbine.

Currents speed an tidal potential

Determination of the wind energy potential in the Basse-Normandie Region, 2012, Sogreah

Wave engines

Wave energy systems harness the power of the waves that form on the surface of the sea under the effect of the wind (the swell) to produce energy. There are several types of wave technologies: wave breaking systems, oscillating water column systems and oscillating body systems. These different systems can be located on the coast ("onshore" systems), near the coast, between 0.5 and 2km (nearshore systems) or several kilometers from the coast ("offshore" systems).

Attenuators are floating devices aligned perpendicular to the waves.
The device rises and swings in the waves.
Surface point absorbers are floating structures that can absorb energy in all directions.

Wave power and wave energy potential

The World Energy Council estimates that 10% of the world's annual electricity demand could be met by wave power.

YS Energies Marines Developpement works at your service, in France and in the Overseas Territories but also on an international scale.

Let's build a project together

YS~EMD intervenes at your side as a conductor. We accompany you in the development of your local renewable marine energy projects, in a participative logic. We intervene at all stages and all phases of the project, including financial, regulatory, legal and administrative aspects, to obtain the various authorizations.

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